"I felt bad for him!"


from end of love story between Serena Grandi is Gianni Morandi have passed on thirty years, yet the actress has not hidden in a recent interview with "Di Piu" not to try a sort of "thud to the heart" every time she sees the singer and actor on TV. As you will know, Serena Grandi, who has recently defeated a breast cancer, and Gianni Morandi met in the 1970s. But love would have blossomed a few years later: she was 24, he was 14 more. In short, the singer was a thirty-eight year old at the peak of his career, studded with such successes Get your mom to send you on your knees is I'm not worthy of you. The singer dedicated the intense song to Serena Grandi My Beloved Enemy, presented at 1983 Sanremo Festival.

"I felt bad for him!", Serena Great details on the liaison with Gianni Morandi

"I liked his music very much!" Serena Grandi said, as a young girl he was a fan of Gianni Morandi, so much so that in 1970 he went to one of his concerts in Rimini. However, they met at another event a few years later: «We stopped to chat and snapped something between us. His blue eyes gave me a sense of serenity! ", reported the actress, born in 1958. They greeted each other with a promise to meet again and actually went like this: they met again in the capital, when Serena Grandi was about to launch into show business. "He encouraged me, filled me with compliments. He didn't fear me: he was firm and sure of himself and I liked that! ", the Bolognese actress reported in the interview.

To her the singer dedicated "My Beloved Enemy"

The 1983 Sanremo Festival marked a turning point: Morandi dedicated to Serena Grandi the song My Beloved Enemy. The spotlights were all on theirs love story: «Gianni revealed that he had dedicated that song to me: I was his enemy because he saw me different from him in character, but he loved me anyway. Those days in Sanremo were exciting, a vortex, and Gianni, despite the tension for the race, filled me with attention! ». Unfortunately the relationship ended, the singer was too busy with his many commitments: «I let him go without rancor. I was alone, to lick my wounds: I was sick, but I had to give myself a reason! ». Now they are friends, the relationships are good and the actress hopes we can working together: «It would be really incredible to meet again on the set and very exciting! », he concluded Serena Grandi, which in 2013 starred in the film The great beauty by Paolo Sorrentino.

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