"I don't understand what is happening, I don't think there is someone who can do better than Ancelotti"


Chaos Naples, Pardo: I don't understand what's happening, I don't think there is anyone who can do better than Ancelotti

Chaos Naples: Pierluigi Pardo, journalist, spoke to Radio Marte about what happened last night after the Napoli-Salzburg match

Latest news Napoli soccer – Pierluigi Pardo, journalist, has issued some statements to "Si Gonfia la rete", broadcast on Radio Marte:

"I find it hard to understand what is happening at home in Naples and also the fact that Ancelotti did not speak in the post Naples-Salzburg represents an attitude not from Ancelotti.

I don't think there is a coach around who can do better than Ancelotti in Naples and in Insigne's words there is a confirmation of how important the coach is in the unity of the group for which I find the catastrophic action that there is exaggerated Right now.

I'm not satisfied with the management because the start of the Napoli season is disappointing especially in the league, but I would still trust Ancelotti.

Chaos Naples Pardo

Beyond the outburst of Conte, there is to point out that it is at -1 from Juventus and beyond its character, Inter did not have these ambitions. I find it hard to understand that outburst, or perhaps it is a signal from those who want to raise the bar ".

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