"I don't recommend professional tennis to my children"


In the weeks following the ATP Finals in London, Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev will be featured in a tour of performances in South America. During an interview granted to the Colombian radio program W, Roger Federer spoke of his last appearance in Colombia, dating back to 2012, when the Swiss played a match against Tsonga.

"It was an incredible experience. I still remember the support received by the people, I think that was the game with the loudest audience I've ever seen in my life, ”recalled 20-time Slam champion.

"When I came out of the locker room tunnel, I couldn't believe my ears so loud was the screams from the audience. The truth is that I remember that journey as one of the best of my life, my family accompanied me and we had a great time.

I really want to come back, give a good show and eat good meat ”Federer concluded with a smile. Regarding the possible future of his children, the Swiss have clear ideas: "Most of their friends play regularly, so I encourage them to continue interacting with others and playing sports as they grow up," said Roger.

"In any case, girls are more interested in skiing, horse riding and swimming, and are very fond of piano. The boys have tennis as a priority, but I don't want them to dedicate themselves to it professionally, there is too much pressure.

Obviously I will support them in everything they do and I would like them to be able to dedicate themselves to sport, but I am not particularly enthusiastic about the tennis option.

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