I do not forget that you condemned me in the first few episodes


There first episode of 'Adrian", Transmitted Thursday 7 November, allowed for Adriano Celentano to explain the reasons that led him to design his alter ego. The artist has underlined how much the fate of the planet is at heart. The message that ‘Adrian‘ intends to give is just that, time is running out:

"When I wrote Adrian's story, it was as if I felt the urgent need to remind ourselves that time is running out. The time I am referring to is what we are experiencing today. worrying, perhaps because of what I wrote this story.

Adrian's message

The singer said that it is very important to make sure that everyone understands that the earth is angry and that the time has come to take action to heal the wounds of the planet: "You could say that Adrian is a scream, a cry of love but above all a cry for help. Some talk about expired time. The wounds of the planet are so deep that it seems there is no more time to fix things before the earth is finally revenged. Also the earth can get angry. In recent times it cannot be said that it is calm. She is angry with the man, with us, with you who should be in bed at this time and instead you are here watching the show ".

Adriano Celentano speaks to those who condemned him

Finally, Adriano Celentano turned to those who watch the program from home and who in the first four episodes decreed the flop. He believes that they did not fully understand Adrian's message, simply because they were too focused on Adriano Celentano and on the desire to hear him sing:

"You who are looking at me from your homes now I want to tell you that I have not forgotten that in the first four episodes you condemned me, accusing me of being not very present, without in the least thinking of Adrian, of the things he wanted to tell you, of what happens and will happen. But you who are looking at me you were angry because when I was on stage I didn't speak and I didn't sing and now you have returned, hoping that now you behave differently from the last time. You didn't understand anything then. I not only will not do as last time, but I do one more thing, this time I give you the reason to change channel. I'm leaving, turn everything off ".

Actually, he returned to the studio a short time later and sang, welcomed by the roaring audience applause.

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