"I do an extra job in punishment training. Now we can beat Brazil"


It is a national team with strong Nerazzurri colors that, for now, has pushed up to the quarter-finals of World Under 17, where he will meet the landlords of Brazil. After Willy's play and goals Gnonto who dragged Carmine's team Nunziata at the knockout stage, yesterday Gaetano thought about it Oristanio to solve the stuck match against Ecuador, with an author's punishment that is the highlight of his repertoire as the audience has already been able to admire in the Youth League match against Barcelona: "Just before the referee's whistle I decided to give it a try – said the Interviewing playmaker at FIFA.com -. I always do an extra job in training to improve my free kicks. It was an incredibly important goal, but we have to admit that we were lucky enough to decide on the penalty awarded and then removed with the Var ".

As said, on the course of the Azzurri now Brazil will materialize: "My goal led us to this match, the stadium will be full and everyone will support the home team. But we have the talent to beat them and move on".

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