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The sprung back on TV to present his cartoon Adrian, but throws a dig at the guilty spectators of not having followed him in the first 4 episodes and then threatens to leave

Adriano Celentano is back and made Adriano Celentano. He talked about television with his guests – Gerry Scotti, Carlo Conti, Paolo Bonolis and Piero Chiambretti – he drank a lot, he sang, he talked about a topic that is very close to his heart like climate change and he has polemicized with the public also threatening to leave, but it was a bluff that lasted only a few minutes.

Adriano Celentano: "I have not forgotten"

During the monologue of the landlord, Adriano Celentano did not pretend to nothing, he did not wipe out the 4 episodes aired at the beginning of the year that ditched his creature 'Adrian' under the criticism of the public because he, Adriano Celentano, was practically absent. Criticisms resulted in low ratings, too low for a first night on Canale 5. Here then is that Adriano tackles the problem, but not for a mea culpa, on the contrary, he accuses the public of not having understood “you who are now looking at me from your homes I want to tell you that I have not forgotten that in the first four episodes you condemned me, accusing me of not being very present, without thinking of Adrian, of the things he wanted to tell you, of what happens and will happen ".

Adriano Celentano: "I'm leaving, turn it all off"

And then the threat "But you who are looking at me were angry because when I was on stage I didn't speak and I didn't sing and now you have returned, hoping that now you behave differently from last time. You didn't understand anything then. I not only will not do as last time, but I do one more thing, this time I give you the reason to change channel. I'm leaving, turn everything off".

A bluff that lasted only a few minutes. The sprung fact and then returned to the stage welcomed by applause.

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