"I am living a dream. Count important, could not have happened to me at a better time"


After the triple whistle of San Siro, too TOlessandro Sticks he pauses in a mixed zone for a hot analysis of Inter-Hellas Verona. FcInterNews.it, on the spot with his correspondent, he reports his statements to you.

Outstanding performance on your part.

"I do what the coach asks me, he is giving me confidence and I want to repay her as best as possible."

You replaced a totem like Godin at San Siro, it wasn't easy.

"I'm living a dream. Being joined by names like Godin, De Vrij and Skriniar is really a dream, I hope it never ends."

FcIN – This summer when you left Inter's site would you have expected all this space?

"No, I arrived on tiptoe aware of having to grow and improve. Having said that, I wanted it because everyone wants to play. I try to steal the secrets from the most experienced people and I hope you see the results."

How much is this victory worth?

"For us it was essential to take these three points to overcome Juve and put pressure on. We are aware of our strength, to get to the top you have to go through these games".

Does the stop arrive at the right time?

"I think so, we have several injuries and on return we could have the team almost full."

FcIN – Faraoni said that Juventus conceded more than Inter. What does this mean for you?

"Every game is in itself, we look into our home trying to improve day by day".

How important is Count for you young people?

"The coach could not have happened to me at a better time, I think he can throw young people like no other. He helps me a lot both mentally and technically, I thank him so much."

We are on the twelfth day, Inter is first. What does it mean?

"It means that we are doing a good job, that we are not even halfway through the championship and that we must continue like this".

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