Huawei will be able to install Google services and apps: it's almost safe


Huawei will be able to install Google services and apps: it's almost safe

The clouds are starting to thin out: even the US government spokesmen get the first confirmations about the exemptions that will be granted to some companies that collaborate with Huawei. Almost certainly the Chinese company will be able to go back to installing Google apps and services on its smartphones.

After several months of negotiations and the heavy tug of war between the United States and China, despite the fact that the trade war has not yet reached a definitive agreement, the US government would be preparing to grant a series of authorizations to some of the most important US companies in order to reactivate activities with Huawei.
The decision reached by the Trump administration appears to be a direct consequence of the requests (if more than 260 were expected) received from the main IT giants worried about the estimated economic damage for the near future.

A reality like Huawei is fundamental for the economy of multinationals with streaks and a veto without appeal would cause enormous problems. Closing the taps without a careful analysis of the potential risks (if any) and the consequences (these certain) on the business of each company would be a reckless and irresponsible maneuver. Europe has understood this (Europe puts down the risks associated with the implementation of 5G networks) while at this point even the States seem to assume a less draconian position.

For the moment government representatives from overseas they don't name companies that will get an exemption to continue doing business with Huawei and most likely with other "Chinese", but almost certainly the devices of the company founded by Ren Zhengfei may repropose Google's services and apps, including Play Store and Play Services. And it's only good because Huawei has already shown that it is working on its operating system-based ecosystem HarmonyOS: The operating system of Huawei is called HarmonyOS: it will work on a wide range of products, including smartphones.
The US trade secretary Wilbur Ross is optimistic and assures that the "exemptions" will arrive very soon also considered that the closure of a first agreement ("phase one") between the United States and China would now be close.Some companies, such as ARM, have continued to collaborate with Huawei and other Chinese companies, stating that the technology used in their projects came, for example, from the United Kingdom.

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