How to invest successfully and profitably in the Poste Italiane share


Poste Italiane is a typical example of how to invest successfully and profitably in a stock market in Piazza Affari. If you evaluate the performance of an investment, you need to combine two aspects:

bet on winning actions that earn;

buy shares that have a high dividend.

Clearly this is not enough. If, in fact, you do not have a winning trading strategy, the gains that the stock accumulates on the stock market do not appear on the securities account. In fact, mistaking the trading levels for entering a stock could lead to not earning even with a double-digit security.

Let's go back, therefore, to Poste Italiane, which has both features: since the beginning of the year it has gained over 55%, its dividend has a return of around 3%, but is expected to grow around 5%.

How to invest successfully and profitably in the Poste Italiane share, especially now that the stock has run so much since the beginning of the year?

Let's identify the strengths and weaknesses together with the possible entry points.

For Recommendations on Poste Italiane and Technical Data Sheet.

Poste Italiane's strengths

  • Forecasts on business development by analysts interviewed by Standard & Poor's are in agreement with each other. This is the result of good visibility on the main activities or an accurate publication of the profits.
  • Historically, the company is releasing higher-than-expected data.
  • The company's interesting profit multipliers are highlighted by a P / E ratio of 12.85 for the current year.
  • The company is one of the companies with the best returns and with high dividend expectations.
  • In the last twelve months, analysts have gradually revised their EPS forecasts for the coming year upwards.

Poste Italiane's weaknesses

  • According to Standard & Poor's forecasts, revenue growth prospects should be very low for the coming years.

Analysts' recommendations on Poste Italiane

Analysts have a very good opinion of Poste Italiane, for which it is one of the favorite stocks to make money on the stock market. This positive consensus can also be seen going to see how the average target price went from around € 8 at the beginning of the year to the current € 10.85 with an increase of about 30%. However, the average target price sees an overvaluation of 1.36% is also due to the fact that the share price since the beginning of the year has gained about 55%.

Average consentOUTPERFORM
Number of analysts11
Average target price€ 10.85
Last closing price€ 11.00
Spread / maximum target price18.2%
Spread / Average Target Price-1.36%
Spread / Minimum target price-18.1%

Graphic analysis and forecasting

Poste Italiane (PST) closed the session on November 8th at € 10.84 with a decrease of 0.18% compared to the previous session.

A bullish projection is underway on the stock which has as its first area price target € 11.4633. However, there is an aspect that has characterized the last two sessions of the Stock Exchange. The closures were lower than the support in the area € 10.8633. If not immediately recovered, this level could represent a springboard towards € 10.4958 area. If, then, this level should yield, then we would see a bearish reversal.

For those wishing to enter long there are two possibilities:

  1. buy in the area € 10.4958 with a stop with a closing day of less than € 10.4958;
  2. wait for the break of the area € 10.8633 with target towards area € 11.4633.
Poste Italiane: increase in progress

Poste Italiane: ongoing bullish projection on the daily time frame. The blue line represents the levels of Running Bisector; the red line the levels of The New Law of Vibration.

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