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Don Garber, number one of the Major League Soccer, in an interview he compared Ibra to Milan. But the Commissioner's words have been misunderstood
What will be the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Yesterday evening a real tam tam was unleashed following the statements by Don Graber, the MLS Commissioner, or the American football league in which the Swede has played in the last two seasons with the Los Angeles Galaxy. In an interview with Espn, to the question about the efforts of the Major League Soccer to try to hold back the attacker, Graber replied: "Zlatan is a very interesting guy, he keeps me very busy, he fills my mail box, it's an emotion per minute. People like him who emerge from the crowd are needed, as David Beckahm had done at the beginning. But it is the subsequent declaration that has fueled a market suggestion. We report it in English: "Zlatan is being recruited by AC Milan". Initially an erroneous translation of the sentence was circulated: "Zlatan was hired by Milan." The real meaning of the sentence is not that. The correct translation is: "The player was searched by Milan".

A hypothesis that, at the moment, finds no evidence: the Rossoneri club denies any recent contact with the Swede, therefore also a "simple" courtship.

However, Ibrahimovic's future is not certain. The Milan hypothesis cannot be ruled out entirely – the player is free, January is approaching and the Rossoneri are not doing well in attack – but on the other hand you can not take into consideration other tracks, like even goodbye to football played. "He has almost set records with all the goals he has scored in the last two years – concluded Graber – it is one that creates excitement both on and off the pitch. He gives us a lot to do and we would like to see him return, but that depends on Los Angeles Galaxy. I enjoyed his 'Zlatan moments' especially when he talks to me about himself in the third person. "

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