how Olimpia beat Vitoria with its 17-0


Another big bump in the fourth period, this time 17-0 to respond to the Kirolbet Vitoria counterbreak with which a 10 point lead had been reduced to one at the beginning of the fourth. Then … then this happened:

-9: 20: pick and pop at the tip between Rodriguez and Brooks. Jeff receives the exhaust, the defense rises against the two performers, Brooks serves Amedeo Della Valle in a corner, left alone. Della Valle anticipates the close-out and sets the triple. 3-0

-9: 10: Della Valle goes all-out to take Pierria Henry, he brings the ball, but Amedeo touches it to him, then he is quicker to take it and goes to score avoiding Henry's own block. 5-0

-8: 28: central double game between Rodriguez and Scola. Sergio lifts the ball beyond the defense where only Scola can pick it up to mark two easy ones. 7-0

-7: 52: two-sided game with Michael Roll as ball-handler. Scola cuts and receives the assist to score from three meters. 9-0

-7: 12: Rodriguez takes a foul, goes into the line and is 2/2. He currently has 23/24 from the line for the season. 11-0

-6: 12: Rodriguez raids along the bottom line, unloading at the tip for Della Valle. Dribble to separate from the defender and triple. 14-0

-5: 39: Della Valle in front of the bench of Vitoria takes a foul on the shot from three. Go to the bezel, it's 3/3 (it's 18/20 for the season). The Olimpia goes on 73-55. 17-0

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