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Facade 2020 bonus: as provided by Budget Law 2020 e from the 2020 tax decree, tax payers from next year, as well as enjoying the bonus energy redevelopment and restructuring, mobile bonuses, will also benefit from one new income tax deduction, the one for the renovation of facades external of buildings, equal to 90% of the costs incurred without spending limits.

The new 2020 home bonus is called bonus facades and will serve to give a new face to our cities.

Taxpayers will therefore be able to take advantage of one 90% relief in case of interventions by exterior renovation of condominium and non-condominium buildings, benefiting from a reimbursement equal to 90% of the sustained expense.

What is the 2020 bonus?

What is the bonus facades: as required by the Budget Law 2020 and by the 2020 fiscal decree, a new tax bonus called is established next year facades bonus 2020 which provides one Irpef relief of 90% for those who renovate facades of condominium and non-condominium buildings.

With the 2020 facade bonus therefore it will be one 90% deduction of the expenses incurred, yet to define the cost ceiling and the methods of using the new tax relief.

According to text of the Bill of the Budget Law 2020 presented to the Senate, the launch of the CD is confirmed. bonus facades in addition to confirmation of house bonuses (such as ecobonus, sismabonus, mobile bonuses, building renovation).

Specifically, theArticle 25 of the Budget Bill for 2020 provides that the costs documented and incurred in the year 2020, relating to building interventions, including ordinary maintenance, finalized:

can be deducted from taxes.

Facade bonus how it works:

To explain well how does the 2020 facades work it is necessary to wait for the approval of the final text of the Budget Law 2020 and of the fiscal decree 2020 and the subsequent guidance of the Revenue Agency which will explain in detail the facade bonus, what is it and how does it work, how much is deductible, how to make the payment , since it starts and the subsidized spending limit.

For now, what is certain is that the Facade bonus will start from 2020 within the 2020 home bonus package, whose interventions have all been extended for another year.

In particular the extension of the tax deductions was recognized in 2020 on:

Returning to the 2020 facade bonus we remember that:

  • the facades bonus can be combined with other energy-saving measures, so for example you can retry the facade and at the same time intervene with works that can be facilitated with the Ecobonus.

Facade bonus 2020 new 90% deduction on restructuring:

The bonus facade 2020 new 90% deduction of restructuring costs is a new facility that will allow Italian cities to return to new splendor.

The Facade bonus is up to 2020 to those who will carry out renovations in the historic center or in the suburbs, in large cities or in small municipalities, of:

There 90% deduction of expenses incurred for this type of intervention is one of the most substantial reliefs of the house bonuses recognized today, even if the amount limits are not clear, and such are the specific expenses admitted in tax deduction.

The expenses admitted to the 2020 fronting bonus, at least on paper, they should understand:

The aspects that must therefore be clarified by the next and new bonus guide facade 2020 Revenue Agency, I'm:

  • in how many years must the Irpef reimbursement be divided 5 or 10 years;

  • how long is the incentive if only for 2020 or for the two-year / three-year period;

  • how to use the bonus;

  • if the assignment of the credit for the incapient will be allowed.

  • if it will be subject to the invoice discount, for example for thermal insulation or other energy saving interventions on the building.

Facade bonus and home bonus extension in the 2020 Budget Law:

Facade bonus is extension of the 2020 home bonus in the 2020 Budget Law.

There 1 year extension is for the whole package of discounts dedicated to work at home for which:

  • 2020 restructuring bonus: deduction of 50% for a maximum expenditure of € 96,000, to be divided into 10 equal annual installments extended also to other types of intervention.

  • green bonus, with a deduction of 36% for urban redevelopment with facilitations for private individuals and apartment buildings for terraces, balconies and gardens and for those who finance works for public parks, it has NOT been extended.

  • Mobile bonuses: a subsidy that provides for a deduction of 50% for the expenses incurred for the purchase of furniture and household appliances, will be reconfirmed for 2020.

  • Sismabonus: deduction up to 85% for those who carry out interventions on the whole building for energy saving or seismic adaptation with the cd. sismabonus. For the seismabonus, there is also talk of a possible extension of the facilitation to warehouses and businesses.

  • Single condominium bonus: only for condominium energy redevelopment works, sismabonus + ecobonus, with deduction of expenses at 80% or 85%, depending on the degree of risk reduction achieved with the interventions themselves.

For more information read our guide on extending your home bonus in the 2020 budget law and the news in the growth decree text.

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