how did "Adrian" go on Channel 5?


"You didn't understand anything. Not only will I do as last time, but I will also do one more thing. This time, I give you the reason to change channels. I'm leaving, turn everything off! ¬Ľ. This is the provocation that Adriano Celentano launches half an hour from the beginning of the new episode of the cycle Adrian, the program-event that had been previewed on Canale 5 in January and had been suspended for four weeks. Someone spoke of a seasonal illness of the artist, but it seemed clear to everyone that the Mediaset leaders had in mind to pause the experiment to make it restart at a more propitious moment, with a more solid idea.

Purpose that is maintained almost nine months later, with Celentano coming back and putting his face on it. After the first appearances of lightning, in fact, the Moleggiato, in this round, decides to take back what is his, creating a show that starts from a precise, provocative, breaking goal.

It begins with a meta-television debate in which five exceptional conductors, Paolo Bonolis, Carlo Conti, Gerry Scotti, Piero Chiambretti and Massimo Giletti, they sit down at a round table and talk about the health conditions of today's television, which is not at all dead as some claim, but which has certainly changed, adapting itself not only to the new habits of the viewer, but also to a more language quick and immediate, inherited from the Web. Beyond the discourse itself, which looked like a hybrid between What a time out he does is TV Talk, to hit is certainly the change of course of the landlord that, before presenting the fifth episode of the animated series, chooses to subtract rather than add. For the first time, Celentano stops and listens, launches ideas and makes the others continue. The discontent for the reception of the series, however, is perceptible in every fiber of his body, but the desire to get back in the game and start from scratch, as if those first episodes of January had never gone on air, is something extraordinary, not at all obvious for an artist with her experience.

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The plays partly reward this intention: in the first block, the one in which Celentano appears and interacts with his guests, Adrian 15.41% share and 3.869.000 spectators. A result that is lower than the debut of last January 21, when he started with a 19% share, only to fall in the following weeks, but that seems to creak right at the moment of airing the cartoon. The thud, on 7 November, is resounding: in fact, we go from 15.41% of the first part to just 10.44% (1.859.000 spectators) in the second, the one dedicated to the series. To demonstrate that the weakest organ of the operation is its fulcrum: the animated episodes that had to be simply accompanied by some pills in the theater but that, by contrast, are responsible for the public's discontent. A truth that the provocative Celentano would welcome with a certain satisfaction, but that the television viewer hardly digests, preferring the artist in the flesh.


"Adriano": Celentano starts from Conti, Bonolis and Giletti


"Adrian": the superhero Adriano Celentano, who does not convince


Listen to TV: "Adrian", the event series by Adriano Celentano, collapses

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