Horror in the village: the big dog Jack shot to death


The anger and pain of the owners: "He was a good dog he didn't deserve this end"

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                <p><strong>&quot;We thank all the people who shared our research, unfortunately we found the dog killed with a rifle shot by our fellow villagers</strong>, because yes we are in a small country, but the bad people are here too &quot;, is the message of sadness and anger of the owners of Jack, a Collie that the owners were looking for and that unfortunately they found lifeless, shot dead.

"Jack never ran except when there were little dogs in season. Unfortunately he was an intelligent dog, he knew that when he wanted to escape, passing in front of the photocell of the gate even at the last second this reopened and it happened again this time but he never came back because he found someone's rifle that maybe found his barking a disorder might have been frustrated because the hares are harder to take Jack was an easy target. Everyone knew that this was our dog, nobody in Cavazzana or Lusia had a Collie, it was enough a call, a message and we would have come right away to get it. Unfortunately, conscience and common sense are not for everyone. With this I apologize for my long outburst but I warn everyone that if you run away from the dog because it is in its nature at the end, this can happen too. Jack was a good dog and we loved him so much he didn't deserve this end ".

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