Horoscope Paul Fox tomorrow, Saturday 9 November 2019, the ranking of the signs


  • Horoscope Paul Fox tomorrow, Saturday 9 November 2019, the ranking of the signs

    What will be the best signs of the next few hours according toHoroscope of Paolo Fox? In this article you can consult the ranking of the 12 zodiac signs (from 12th to 1st place) for tomorrow, Saturday 9th November 2019, freely treated by App Astri by Paolo Fox. Also find the Paul Fox Horoscope of November 2019


    This weekend important issues related to the home and work will return to the forefront. And for this reason, strong tensions could arise to the point of ruining your weekend, be very careful! Possible strong physical declines or a health problem linked to a passing illness. Perhaps it will be better to take some rest. Find out which foods Capricorn must eat and which to avoid.


    Those who feel too alone should try to get to know new people. Generally you are a sociable person, but right now you are closing yourself up a lot. Perhaps it is because of a betrayal suffered or a disappointment that could have discouraged you. But this is a wrong attitude that will not repay you, change gear as soon as possible! Discover the ideal aquarium diet.

    10 CANCER

    Attention to the days of Saturday and Sunday, when you could experience a fight with someone. Caution is recommended, especially if you frequent some Aries or Capricorns. In the last few years you have been very selfish and have thought more about your own good than that of the people around you. For this reason, now, you could pay duty. What are the ideal foods for those born under the sign of Cancer? Find out here.

  • 9 TORO

    You are a conservative sign, but now you feel the desire for novelty. You want to change different points of reference in your life that are no longer good for you. If you don't feel understood by someone you may decide to break off the relationship. November is a month in which you will leave, while in December you could collect the fruit of your work. Does Taurus believe in love at first sight? Find out here!

    8 VIRGIN

    In this period you are a bit anxious, maybe because you are waiting for the outcome of a lawsuit or a bureaucratic practice. But the answers you expect can only arrive in December, when Jupiter will be active. The moment of recovery will arrive in February 2020: from then on some project could go through. Discover the ideal diet for those born under this sign.

    7 LION

    Extravagance is one of your characteristics, as is being self-centered: today, more than ever, you have a strong desire to be noticed by others. Now you also feel the need to fix some things that have not worked in recent weeks, especially in the family. Watch out for money and, especially during this time, be thrifty with your expenses. Leo is the sign of strength and agility: find out what his ideal diet is !!

  • 6 GEMINI

    Resist and wait anxiously for the end of this month because Saturn will no longer be the opposite and this could pave the way. You will have to use these last few months of the year to renovate your home or more generally, your life. A weekend of growth awaits you, be confident! Gemini, this is the ideal diet for this sign.

    5 FISH

    You usually experience feelings with a lot of passion and it is unlikely that you will forget about a person who has been very close to you. During the weekend, love will give you some surprises that could raise many doubts. In December you will be able to get those answers you are looking for, both in love and in work. Discover the ideal fish diet.

    4 LIBRA

    You are collecting excellent results, but is it really all the result of your commitment or is it merit of others? Keep a certain state of agitation in love under control: last year you broke off relationships with some people also because of a Saturn in opposition, but now you will have to be more cautious in reactions and choices. Discover the ideal diet for those born under this sign.

  • 3 ARIES

    The Moon in the sign has two faces: on the one hand it will give you a lot of grit, on the other it will make you more aggressive than usual. At this moment you feel that some knots have come to a head and that certain questions must be resolved in any case. In love, if there has been a departure, you may now decide to retrace your steps and attempt reconciliation. How long does it take to make an Aries fall in love? Find out here


    Saturday and Sunday you will be looking for a very important emotional feedback for you. At this time you don't want to waste time with people you don't care about, while you are eager to privilege only people who can come in handy for something. The next 48 hours of strength will give you the right energy to get to grips with some intricate issues. Discover the ideal diet of this sign.


    You are looking for answers to your questions but you must do it within yourself, not in other people. Sun and Mercury in your sign will give you a great capacity for analysis and will help you make a good examination of conscience. Coming a very exciting weekend, get ready and enjoy it all! Find out what is the ideal diet for the Scorpio sign !!

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