Hong Kong, siege on the university campus: 38 injured, dozens of arrests. Alta Corte: "Prison for those who use masks is unconstitutional"


Night of clashes ad Hong Kong in the area of PolyU, the Polytechnic transformed into stronghold of demonstrators for democracy. There police broke into the area around the Hotel Icon, su Science Museum Road, and have registered 38 injured, of which 5 in serious condition. The "battle" between law enforcement and police has been going on for 7 hours and the rector of the university only in the morning Teng Jin-Guang has announced that it has reached a truce with the police as long as the students stopped the attacks. The peaceful evacuation ended when the agents resumed launching the tear, pushing many students to go back.

Dozens of arrests executed, while a new front of long confrontation has opened Nathan Road. There several dozen protesters dressed in black and with mask have returned to block the area at Mira Mall. The shops on Park Lane and the surrounding areas, according to local media, remain closed. The images of the social media have circulated handcuffed students and lined up waiting to be taken away.

The dynamics that led to the breakdown of the truce and the return of the clashes is not clear, but some local media have talked about lack of communication among the agents engaged in thecampus siege, some of which would have reacted instinctively to the view of the protesters after the violent clashes started yesterday and continued into the night, between repeated (and failed) attempts to break through. THE'High Court meanwhile sanctioned that the prohibition of the use of masks in public events, with the provision of prison up to six months in case of transgression, either unconstitutional because it is a restriction of the fundamental rights of people pushed beyond what is necessary.


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