Hold of Airbnb after the massacre of Halloween, party house prohibited – North America


Turn of Airbnb, which has decided to ban the parties in the houses rented on its platform. The decision after the Blood Halloween in California, where five people were killed during a shootout during a party held in a house taken through the Orinda portal, not far from Oakland. To announce the close was the group's CEO, Brian Chesky, on Twitter. What happened in California "is unacceptable", writes the founder of Airbnb finished in the crosshairs after the Orinda massacre, which took place during the masquerade party in a house where it was expressly forbidden to organize parties, and where at least one hundred people were present instead. When the police arrived, chaos, with people hit by bullets on the ground and panic scenes with people screaming and fleeing everywhere. Everything seems to have been born from a trivial discussion, but the causes that triggered the shooting are still being investigated.

"We will redouble our efforts to combat unauthorized parties and to get rid of abusive guests and landlords who do not follow the rules", assures Chesky on Twitter, explaining that controls will be strengthened over who puts his home on the Airbnb platform and on whoever accesses the portal to rent. "Anyone who violates the new rules will be removed from the platform," promises the CEO.

The latest official data on the platform's activities dates back to June 2012 when Airbnb, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, had lodgings in over 26,000 cities in 192 countries, reaching around 10 million nights booked worldwide. The announcements include accommodations such as private rooms, entire apartments, castles and villas, but also boats, mountain huts, tree houses, igloos, private islands and any other type of accommodation. In recent times Airbnb has become the headlines above all for tax reasons, with many cities, like New York, claiming a different system of taxation of rented houses on its platform. In February 2018, Brian Chesky stated that the company is considering launching an airline. And in February 2018, the company announced Airbnb Plus, a collection of homes that have been checked for quality of services, comfort and design, and Beyond by Airbnb, which offers luxury vacation rentals. In March 2019 the company acquired HotelTonight, a website for booking last-minute hotel rooms for over $ 400 million.

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