his wife finds him dead in the garage after hours


"I can't take it anymore, I'm going for a ride." These were the last words of Leonardo Furini, 54, by Ceneselli, to his partner Monica. Only she had thought of a moment of boredom, the need to take some air. He went out and she remained to complete the chores, in their home in Ceneselli. A normal Saturday. Then, around four in the afternoon, since she was not coming back, she decided to look for him. She went out and picked up her bicycle in the garage outside the house. And that's where he found it, without life. Monica's desperate cries have attracted the attention of the whole neighborhood. The doctor who lives in neighboring houses ran to try to rescue him, but unfortunately for him there was nothing left to do. Many people from the neighborhood came to try to help, support and say a word of comfort to Monica.

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Dead firefighters, farmer owner confesses: "I wanted insurance money". His wife also stopped


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