"His Napoli is in disarray, he no longer follows it! Carlo is left alone, the break appears irremediable or almost"


Carlo Ancelotti, Napoli coachCarlo Ancelotti, Napoli coach

Napoli in disarray, the team no longer follows Ancelotti alone, the route appears incurable. This is the reading of the Gazzetta

The coach of S.s.c. Naples Carlo Ancelotti he left in a hurry, but not before he had shaken hands with Thiago Motta at the end of NaplesGenoa 0-0. The coach has had better days, but the situation seems to have been compromised according to today's edition of Gazzetta dello Sport.

Ancelotti has remained alone, incurable or almost broken

"Carlo Ancelotti is left alone with his thoughts. His Napoli is in disarray, he no longer follows it. In a few months, everything has changed, there is no longer a team, the breakdown of the various components is now certified and appears incurable "Almost. A victory with Genoa could have lightened the positions a bit. In the next few hours, Ancelotti will evaluate what to do, he will have to understand if the team is still in his hands or he has escaped. And it will not be easy to meet again. Now he is expected from a delicate task, it will have to rebuild the group that is hostage to disappointment and discontent "

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