his mother took him to Syria in 2014


Alvin returns to Italy, the child no longer speaks Italian: his mother had taken him to Syria

He hardly speaks Italian anymore Alvin Berisha, the child who in 2014 was taken by his mother to Syria in the territories of Isis. The eleven-year-old was found in a refugee camp and tomorrow he should arrive in Rome with a flight from Lebanon. As part of the proceedings before the GUP of Milan Guido Salvini, which is still in progress against the mother and in which the research of the woman and the child was activated, the judge recently set another hearing for the 27 next November. In case there was the certainty that the woman died in Syria (apparently in an explosion) the investigation will be closed and there will probably also be the first need to hear the child in a protected audition to have elements of his mother's death .

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The judge himself, in fact, explains in a report that "it will be necessary to acquire, perhaps even from his son, indeed, above all from his son, news on the probable death of the suspect", because "then the witness of death would be him, presumably". A note by the Carabinieri Ros also states that the child "would remember the Italian origins and the existence of two sisters".

Below, the frame of a video of the State Police showing an infographic concerning the operation carried out for the discovery of Alvin Berisha, the 11-year-old child of Albanian origin who was trapped in the Al Hol refugee camp in Syria. The operation for its discovery was jointly managed by the Police Scip and the Carabinieri Ros, together with a unit of special forces of the Albanian Police, in cooperation also with humanitarian associations, including the Red Crescent.

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