His father's wife was violent for months: the woman stunned with drugs


He is accused of having for months raped his father's wife, both using a drug to stun her and threatening her to show compromising images to her parent. For this reason, a young man of Maghreb origin was stopped Saturday at the airport in Bologna while – as reported by local newspapers – he was about to return to the city where he lived, Lugo di Romagna, in the Ravenna area. The detention, ordered by the prosecutors from Palermo Alessandro Mancini and Antonio Vincenzo Bartolozzi, was triggered by danger of escape in light of the woman's statements, considered plausible, on alleged abuses that went on from November 2018 to last July.

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Martina down from the balcony to escape violence: the two rapists were acquitted

Statements also corroborated by what was reported by the young man's father, starting from his long absences from home that would have left the boy free. The man also said that on one occasion he fell from the stairs due to the administration of a drug, perhaps from his son, who had doubled his sight. The day before yesterday the boy in front of the Bologna magistrate – who after the validation of the detention ordered custody in prison – instead claimed that initially it was the woman who blackmailed him to have sex; and that then the two of them had become lovers. So much so that his lawyer, Nicola Casadio, yesterday filed the request with the Public Prosecutor's Office in Ravenna of

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