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Ten months have passed, years seem to have passed. It was last January when a dark-faced Gonzalo Higuain returned from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, after the Italian Super Cup lost against Juve. Already, 'his' Juve, who a few months before had unloaded it, dazzled by that Cristiano Ronaldo able to unleash a media earthquake under the Mole. With the aim of avenging the rudeness immediately in Turin, Higuain had tried to make Milan great again. Miserably failed project, especially after the race lost in Arabia. A mysterious eve characterized by the Argentine's stomach ache, left on the bench and increasingly at the center of rumors about Chelsea. Until the final departure for England, with the Premier (and her mentor Sarri) ready to revitalize it after disappointing months.PENALTIES, SCARES AND DELUSIONS – A metaphorical stomach ache started on November 11th, when at San Siro Gonzalo missed the penalty against Juve and did not hide all his bad moods, closing the race early with an expulsion received. In Milan, however, it took them a while to forget Higuain. The cyclone Piatek, crashing into Serie A with thirteen goals in nineteen games, was too tempting to have it slip away in market time. And the expectations were confirmed: eleven goals in twenty-one games, a new chorus as a catchphrase and the Rossoneri people unleashed with a gesture – that of the guns – became a pleasant habit. A year later, however, everything changed: Piatek seems distant relative from last year's bomber, often out of the maneuver and imprecise in front of goal. On the other hand, they leave no way out for the only three goals (including two penalties) made so far.

ENJOY SARRI – In Turin, however, Maurizio Sarri enjoys: he does it ten months late. And he does it again, over three years after Pipita's record season, with 36 goals in Serie A. Gonzalo is the symbol of the new Juventus: he remained at all costs in Juventus, the team has recovered, driven by the esteem never hidden by its fans. Commitment, sweat, determination, technique and goals are key foods in the Higuain recipe, a player completely different from the intolerant and critical one seen in the shadow of the Madonnina. He and Piatek rely (also) tomorrow Sarri and Pioli: to follow up or turn a season lived – so far – on opposite extremes.

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