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An entire week of rain: the Campanian sky seems to reflect the situation of Naples, immersed in a storm that seems to have no end. The crisis in the field, the withdrawal, the post-Salzburg mutiny, the press silence and the protest of the fans. A storm to which the recent extra-field episodes are added: first the intrusion in Allan's house, then the theft of Zielinski's wife. Scenes that add pepper and tension to a situation that is already quite delicate. But let's go with order.THE EPISODES – Let's go back over the facts: three days ago it was the turn of Allan's house, with some thieves entering his villa in Pozzuoli. After forcing a window on the first floor, they targeted the safe, just as Thais, the midfielder's wife, was on the ground floor. Monday, instead, the theft in the smart of Laura Slowiak, companion of Piotr Zielinski: stolen stereo and navigator. A double incident that annoyed the Public Prosecutor, whose prosecutors are now investigating sports offenses. The investigation is still in its infancy: it is hours of information, then – eventually – the interested parties will be summoned and we will try to understand if the episodes have been connected. In the investigations Gennaro De Tommaso, known as Genny the carrion, former head of Neapolitan ultra who for some months has been collaborating with justice. From his stories and secrets could emerge useful management dynamics of similar moments in the ultras world.

REACTIONS – And in the shadow of Vesuvius, now, the tension is maximum. Confirmation comes from Zielinski himself, who brought his wife Laura to Poland. Kalidou Koulibaly, on the other hand, has decided to 'protect' his home with a 24-hour security service. Instinctive reactions to the sad episodes of the last days: waiting for the sky – and the field – to return to shine.

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