"Here's what Guardiola told me …"


The Argentine's words at the end of Atalanta-Manchester City.

At the end of Atalanta-Manchester City, game finished 1-1 and valid for the fourth day of the group stage of the Champions League, the number 10 of the Bergamo Papu Gomez spoke to Sky Sport:

Guardiola told me that facing the Atalanta is like going to the dentist, I think it's a compliment (laughs, ed). It's not that we did it on purpose not to play, we did everything to stay in the game until the end. On their penalty the game has changed. In the second half we raised the pace, they lowered it and that's all. Italian football is much slower. These always play to win, nobody defends. The pressing is a thousand, nobody does it in Italy. What we do in Italy, everyone in Europe does. The rhythms are different, the pressure is different. We have lost balloons and wrong passages because the pressure is higher. Technically, Ederson puts the ball where he wants, with his feet much stronger than many players in Italy. Even the defenders risk. They play with a high speed of thought. They are even better physically

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