Hellas, Juric: "Gol? A ball fell on Candreva on the garage"



Italians, who goes ahead in the Champions League?

The Young Italy
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Hellas, Juric: "Gol? A ball fell on Candreva on the garage"

The words to 'Sky Sports' by Ivan Juric, manager of Hellas Verona, after the 2-1 defeat against Inter.

Is there any regret for the comeback suffered?
"We gave our best for our time. In the second half we could have raised more forward and done better in the restarts. In the first half we did some good ones, while in the second half we needed more quality. But Inter is a strong team, for us it was difficult. I wouldn't want to stick to this, but it seems to me that in Candreva the ball slipped away from the side foul. Sorry to take goals like Barella did, but I have little to reproach my boys " .

Differences between Juve and Inter?
"They are two completely different teams. Juventus technically has something more, Inter instead is tougher and gives you less than the bianconeri".

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Inter, Conte pushes for Vidal but Barcelona does not give up and the midfielder remains a puzzle. Giroud for the attack. Napoli, Mertens and Callejon closer to farewell. Future of Insigne, Koulibaly and Allan to decipher "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100

First floor

Serie A, the ranking: Torino reaches Parma, Brescia second last "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100 After the victory of Sassuolo with Bologna, three points arrive for Torino on the Brescia pitch. This is the updated Serie A ranking after the first two races of the 12th round:

Juventus 29
Inter 28
Rome 22
Lazio 21
Atalanta 21
Cagliari 21
Naples 18
Fiorentina 16
Verona …

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