Held in the hospital, he tries to escape by slipping into a hole in a wall: arrested


Held in the hospital, he tries to escape by passing through the gap in the wall. The protagonist of the story, Giorgio Ventura, 26, of Ferentino, arrested the other night because he was the author of a flurry of thefts, to the detriment above all of schools. He was taken to the hospital because of his altered mental and physical condition and was in a room suitable for the purpose. However, the young man began to simulate sickness so he often went to the bathroom in the same room.At one point the carabinieri heard a loud noise, they opened the door and discovered Ventura had removed the mirror of the sink and the back panel of the hard plastic material, and once introduced between the cavity and the hydraulic systems and electric, rose in the false ceiling and then descended into the adjacent bathroom belonging to another room suitable for the detention of people in arrest. Before doing so, he had tried to simulate his presence at the bed, putting the pillows under the covers. The young man, however, was soon arrested and taken to prison. Last update: 10:20 © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

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