Headshot and faints: player saved on the pitch as an opposing player


There are moments in which the soccer game really takes a back seat: You discover men and stories that only with the ball you wouldn't be able to know: this is how the long post of thanksgiving of the US Arzanese, the D-series football company of the Neapolitan, begins on the way back from a trip to the island of Capri for a meeting with the Anacapri team during the Amateur Championship, Girone B of the first category. A trip seasoned with misadventures but also by many episodes of generosity and solidarity, which led the team leaders to thank their opponents with a moving post on Facebook. An Arzanese footballer, Filippo Saviano, suffered a clash of fortuitous play during the match, but thanks to the opponent's generosity he was saved. The Arzanese player beat his head and fell to the ground, but was immediately rescued by the Real Anacapri midfielder, Luigi Buondonno, who sling open the mouth of the host team's attacker and prevented him from swallowing the tongue, practically saving him life, even at the cost of injuring your fingers due to Saviano's involuntary reaction.

The reception

And the bell reception continued. At the end of the match – won by Real Anacapri for 3 to 2 – the members of the Arzanese were informed that it would not be possible to return to Naples due to bad weather. The ferries to Naples had all been canceled. The Arsanese was therefore blocked on the Isle of Capri until the next day, without knowing how to organize for dinner and overnight stay. And here comes another beautiful HUMAN gesture by exceptional men, writes Arzanese. The Mayor of Capri, Marino Lembo, the president of the ASD Football School, Anacapri, Adalberto Cuomo, and the director of Real Anacapri, Vincenzo Auricchio, intervened to provide, free of charge, accommodation to all the staff of the team, which was hosted by some hotels and one of the restaurants in Capri. time to reflect on what was given to us in terms of humanity – he wrote on his return to Naples this morning, the US Arzanese – which filled our hearts, enriched us as people, making us realize that there are still good people in the world . We will never stop thanking you, and above all we will never forget what you have given us, honor to Real Anacapri.

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