he starts singing after the victory [VIDEO]


Gimnasia La Plata, Maradona sings in conference after the victory: Oh le le, oh la la, Diego is del Lobo (VIDEO)

Funny episode in Argentina starring Diego Armando Maradona. El Pibe, currently head of Gimnasia La Plata, wins away and exults in conference

Wins the Gimnasia La Plata of Maradona againstAldosivi and re-launches in the league. Maradona show in the post game: first it goes wild in a dance in the locker room during the celebrations, then it sings in a press conference a choir dedicated to him. "To all those who wanted to take my place at Gimnasia, I say turn off", Maradona's response to the criticism that came after the game lost against theEstudiantes. "Football is the thing that entertains us, today we should have embraced the fans one by one, this victory is for them".

Maradona Gimnasia La Plata

Maradona sings in conference

A fun curtain then at a press conference where Maradona, after answering questions about his team, sang a choir that rose from the stands of the Gimnasia stadium: "Oh le le, oh la la, Diego is del Lobo, Lobo doesn't leave", thus confirming his stay at Gimnasia La Plata. Maradona then added: "I talked to the President, we will do some tweaking but Gimnasia can make many other points. For next year I want a better team, I don't care what the radios or TVs say, the next Gimnasia coach will be Diego Armando Maradona" .

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