He owes 1,100 euros to the State, uses only coins of one centime: "Now come and get them"


He owes 1,000 euros to the State, uses only one cent coins: "Now come and get them"

It has the noise of 168 kilos of coins overturned on the table the protest against the State of the mayor of a small town in the province of Brescia. We are in Malegno, two thousand inhabitants, in Alta Vallecamonica. The first citizen in recent days has received from Rome the news that he will have to return what he collected from the 'Five per thousand' of his fellow citizens in 2014. This for having reported the expense with twenty days delay. And so Paolo Erba, mayor of Malegno, decided to protest by filling jute bags with penny coins up to the amount requested by the state: that is to say exactly 1,101.36 euros. "I swear I didn't steal them in the church, but I got them in the bank," jokes the mayor of Brescia, who uses a historic cartoon image to describe his mood.

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"I have the feeling of being considered the Banda Bassotti who tries to rob Scrooge McDuck from his sacks full of coins," commented Erba, who received the support of his people "for a battle that all mayors of large countries should do as they mine". "Mine – explains Erba – is a provocation because I want someone from the Ministry to come and see what it means to administer a small town far from the cities. Not politically, or at least not only politically, but above all for the everyday life that is becoming unmanageable ». Among the many problems described by the mayor of the Vallecamonica country is that of the lack of personnel. "We have only one accountant at part time and in her time she can't do everything." The outburst is not calmed and the appeal is to all the parliamentarians of Brescia. "We talk about transparency but then how is this transparency used?", Is the question. "I cannot accept – explains Paolo Erba – that the State will punish me thus, asking me to report an expense that it knows very well because it is a given public that it can easily know independently. For twenty days of delay I have to give back just over a thousand euros. If the state wants this money – concludes the first citizen of the small town of Brescia – it also comes to the City to take them. The sacks with the coins are ready ».


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