He knew it would end like this


The mother of Nadia Toffa, Signora Margherita, is a guest of "Quarto Grado" to present the posthumous book of the reporter "Do not do the good" and to leave a memory of her, in the transmission of Gianluigi Nuzzi, great friend of Toffa. "A fighter", explains the conductor at the beginning of the interview, "a girl who had done great investigations". Above all, that of the "Land of Fires" is remembered, a battle, the most important, of Nadia.

Mother Margherita's words

After showing the testimony of a mother who lost her son after only 18 months due to spills in the Land of Fires, Mama Margaret reveals that she has set up a foundation to treat cancer. The testimony of Nadia Toffa will live in the commitment of Mamma Margherita

We have set up a foundation to treat cancer and to find ways to cure these diseases. She sought the truth and wanted to help all those who needed it. She had the strength to do these things. It has always been very strong. He was strong inside. Very brave. He loved life, the truth, he loved helping others. Nadia accompanied me for 18 months and I'm not afraid. I get up and I know what I have to do. Day by day I will carry on his testimony. The thing that struck me most was opening his computer and finding more than 400 texts, I didn't think she wrote so much. They were all wonderful to me.

The battles of Nadia Toffa

"The battle he cared for the most?" Asks Nuzzi: "She wanted to defend the weakest". There is also talk of her lack of maternity: "He didn't want to be a mother because he knew it wouldn't last long."

Nadia rarely spoke of her illness. But we rarely talked about it because he preferred not to do it. She knew it was very serious, but she said: "If my destiny is to die, I'll do something else. If instead he thinks I have to stay here, miracles exist ". It hurt her to be looked at by people like a sick woman because she didn't feel sick. She felt lonely. She knew it would end badly.

The memory of Don Patriciello

Also Don Patriciello, present in connection, remembers Nadia Toffa. The journalist had contacted Don Patriciello to investigate the Land of Fires.

A woman thirsting for justice. She has never been afraid of anything. I saw a video the other day, one of his investigations, they all died of cancer. And she died too. The Lord sometimes has a design of his own. A road to follow. We should be more honest. Someone's greed weighs on the lives of others.

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