He kills his mother with fists: arrested after 6 months


He kills his mother with fists: the woman died after twenty days of agony.

It took more than 6 months to identify the murderer but in the end the carabinieri of Ragusa, at the end of a thorough investigation, added a series of clues to Carmelo Chessari, 48, from Ragusa, son of the victim , who will now have to answer for murder with the aggravating circumstance of having acted against his mother.

It was last April 21 when the 79-year-old Santa Trovato, in a coma, with cerebral hemorrhage and a swollen face, was admitted to the "Giovanni Paolo II" hospital in Ragusa.

It was the son who requested the intervention of 118. Right from the start the conditions of the old woman appeared serious and suspicious versions provided by her son, the only cohabitant of the woman, who did not give the investigators any plausible explanation on the health conditions of the mother.

The inspection carried out subsequently by the military at the home of the elderly woman did not reveal any signs of forced entry that might suggest the intrusion of people unrelated to the family.

Excluding this track it seemed quite unlikely that Chessari could not provide an explanation of how the mother had procured those very serious facial injuries.

Pressed by questions from the military, he finally confessed to having attacked his mother because he remained locked on the terrace: he had failed to return home immediately because his mother was intent on watching television and had not heard his son.

It was at that moment that, in the throes of a raptus, his son hurled himself against his mother, beating her and hitting her head with her bare hands several times and causing her to go into a coma.

The woman then died after 20 days in the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania where she had been transferred from Ragusa but without regaining consciousness.

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