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Alvin arrived in Rome, the long embrace with his father and sisters

Awaited by his father and all his family, Alvin Berisha, the 11-year-old child of Albanian origin arrived in Italy this morning at 7 am after being traced to a refugee camp for orphans in Syria. As soon as he got off the plane at Fiumicino he appeared serene and smiling, less bewildered than one might have expected. He is limping slightly, but it is a temporary matter: in the camp, in which thousands of orphans are trying to survive, he slightly injured his foot.

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Alvin returns to Italy, the child no longer speaks Italian: his mother took him to Syria in 2014
Alvin returns to Italy, the child brought to the Caliphate by his mother: the woman died in Syria

Dressed in jeans, a blue jacket and a red hat, Alvin found his father and two sisters at the Roman airport. The Border Police proceeded as quickly as possible for the processing of bureaucratic formalities and for the practical assignment of the child to his father.

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