"He is seen only as the owner's son, before Allan had already had a fight with Gargano"


Edo De Laurentiis, vice-president of NaplesEdo De Laurentiis, vice-president of Naples

Gazzetta dello Sport reports that before Allan the vice president of the Ssc Napoli Edo De Laurentiis had another heavy argument with Walter Gargano

A study by the World Economic Forum, taken up by the Guardian, argues that in Italy the perception of nepotism is superior to other Western countries and approaches that – very high – in Zambia. But the case of Edward De Laurentiis to Naples does not fit into this theme, according to today's edition of Journal of Sport.

Edo De Laurentiis not recognized as vice-president?

"The problem is not nepotism, rather the perception that these people have in a particular and susceptible environment like that of a team. The player incorporates in his own way, here is that a vice president is seen only as the owner's son, with everything that comes and it happened in the locker room last Tuesday, see altercation with Allan. Among other things, the president's younger son had already had a "close encounter" Gargano years ago, then closed with mutual excuses "

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