he did it to stimulate the players "


Intervened on the frequencies of TMW Radio on his 77th birthday, Sandro Mazzola also comments the post-Dortmund outburst of Antonio Conte: "His words bothered me a little, then I thought about it again and said, 'What should he say or do?'. The players have heard him, now they are all there thinking they must show him that this is not so . He did it to stimulate them. At first as a football player I would have taken it, but then I would have said 'now I'll show it to him'. To make him understand he was wrong. "

On the match with Dortmund:

"They returned without stimulation, while the others returned with the desire to hurt and they succeeded. What would Herrera have said during the interval of the match? He would have closed the locker room and then said he would have to win and kill them. in the head. A lot of work had to be done on the players' heads. "

On the team:

"I like it that way, it is tough but it would need a little more from a technical and tactical point of view. The changes are a problem. The return of Sensi hastened? Maybe, but he will have done everything to get back, it's too important. And 'It also happened to me, the risk is that it remains outside more. "

On the market:

"I would watch in midfield, one needs to be able to defend and one who can also play forward and sort the ball. We need one of quality".

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