Not even in Genoa, second in the championship, Fiorentina had offered such a disarming test. It will be a coincidence, but just from Marassi Fiorentina had lost no more away. After 8 points conquered far from the Franks, the Montella band was crumbled to the Sardinia Arena.

The overwhelming proof of culpability lies in the awakening, after the long sleep, which occurred at 5-0 for Cagliari, complete with a soundtrack, the ole of the Sardinian supporters intoxicated with joy in front of a show of similar proportions. Maran's men could have had the shirt of the blancos of Madrid or of the Catalan blaugrana, for how they maneuvered fluently.

Vlahovic's brace came when Cagliari decided to remove gas. The Serbian, however, deserves encouragement for the two goals, the first in Serie A and how he fought in the final. The second center was beautiful, we keep it as an encouragement for the future, but also Dusan in the first half and much of the second had been a ghost like his companions. Vlahovic is 19 years old vto expect and encouraged, sure he needs to play to grow. There are no other ways.

The game was poorly prepared from a temperamental point of view and played worse. Montella in the press room took a good slice of blame and spoke of shame, but also explained that with many young people it can happen, the important thing is that it serves as a lesson. As well as Prade will speak to the team when all the national teams return in the middle of next week.

What is surprising is the total lack of combativeness, a team that in Cagliari has lost soul and feeling, almost as if it were a prisoner of fears and uncertainties. The pressure? It is hard to imagine it because the property has not asked for a goal this season. Maybe young people can have it regardless because with very few races on their shoulders, even if they don't show it, when they enter the field they have a closed stomach. Then it can be assumed that Cagliari has done more fear than expected, but in training there were also some experienced players and they too failed.

Montella will have to reflect on this, other than tactics: training, on paper, was well thought out, but without Ribery for Fiorentina it is very tough. The French champion, in addition to having exceptional numbers, has a steel character, with him in the fray perhaps things would have gone differently because Franck would have found the right words to shake his companions. It was not a problem of scheme, but of interpretation of the game. Cagliari won every duel, breaking Fiorentina after clod.

Maran's team is third because in the summer he spent 60 million and because the Tuscan Carli built, with Barella's takings, a podium midfield in the league. And Maran on the bench had Castro and Oliva … This is another teaching: it is true, you cannot immediately build a winning formation, but to achieve certain goals you need to buy players like Nainggolan, for example. In January and next summer the viola company will have to spend a lot of money to improve a team that has started this year from the sixteenth place in the standings. To get to the sixth the viola have to climb ten positions, just to remember.

The Belgian with three assists and a goal to deliver to posterity, he was a monster, indeed an alien as Spalletti called it. But Rog also did a great game, not to mention Nandez, the protagonist of a fantastic first half. Good also the cholito because his constant sacrifice is cotton candy for coaches. Giovanni has scored heels, did not cheer for the respect of the purple supporters, in particular those 400 who faced a difficult trip, making many sacrifices. Simeone he cried because he thought of Astori. The 13th minute was moving, they stopped all imprisoned by an exciting applause. It was David's game and always will be.

No one was saved in Cagliari's Fiorentina, but the ranking remains good. The viola are eighth and if we look at the teams that are above Fiorentina, we realize that they are all stronger. Behind, then, there are Turin and Milan, formations that last summer were listed more than the viola. In short, the accounts are back. The performance of Cagliari returns much less, something to be canceled immediately and above all not to be repeated.

Now the national teams, then we hope for immediate redemption.



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