Hard Trieste on the chaos Naples: "Don't lose anyone!". Here comes the comment from Decibel Bellini


The journalist Anna Trieste has expressed her personal point of view on the chaos in the Naples home. The answer is ready on the social media of the official San Paolo speaker.

"I do not lose anyone. They do not lose the players who gave rise to the chaos. They do not lose Ancelotti who first agrees with him and then goes with his son to Castelvolturno. They do not lose De Laurentiis who with his declarations incites the souls and lacks compared to people: they do not lose the society that yesterday, by not canceling the open-door training at the San Paolo, gave the players to the disputes and the city fed to the national media.They don't lose anyone because in this matter nobody put in the first place, Naples and Naples. Nobody in this matter behaved like a Neapolitan.

This is the journalist's comment on the chaos of Naples Anna Trieste initially expressed on his personal Facebook page and then released everywhere. Regarding the words of Trieste, on the Instagram also came the comment of the speaker of the San Paolo stadium Daniele "Decibel" Bellini which kept us from having its say: "Too easy to talk and judge without knowing anything." Tomorrow at the Fuorigrotta plant there will be a much larger audience than that of midweek training. Will the reaction of the Neapolitan supporters be the same as yesterday? We'll find out very soon.

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