Harassment minor, she registers: arrested priest


    <h2>The case was also dealt with by Le Iene: the recordings of the meetings served to frame the priest</h2>


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    <p>He ended up in handcuffs, accused of <strong>abuse on a minor</strong>, don <strong>Michele Mottola</strong>, priest of the parish of <strong>Trentola Duecenta</strong>, in the province of Caserta. The man, arrested by the State Police on the orders of the magistrate of the Court of Naples North, had ended up at the center of a Le Iene investigation aired in recent weeks.

The victim, one 12 year old who attended church, had suffered harassment for some time until he decided to rebel against the man. In one of the meetings, as can be seen from a report from Le Iene, the young woman had decided to register with your mobile everything that he suffered from don Michele and let him listen to friends first and then to his parents.

"Leave me alone, you don't have to touch me", is one of the emblematic phrases that the young woman recorded while talking to the priest. The priest, according to Ansa, replied "it's just a game, we don't do anything wrong. "

The registrations, delivered by the parents of the child last May to the police officers of the Commissariat of Aversa, were made to listen to the Diocese that immediately suspended Don Michele from the service. Meanwhile, investigators from the State Police, led by Vincenzo Gallozzi, they also collected testimonies.

The circle on the reconstruction of the affair ended with the probative incident that put the victim and executioner facing each other. The 12-year-old confirmed that the abuse had been going on for some time, while don Michele defended himself by saying that the minor was ranting. The child's parents then turned to the Le Iene TV program to get the story out in all its drama.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 08-11-2019 11:36

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