Halloween party not authorized in the State, after the rector's denunciation the prosecution opens an investigation


An unauthorized – indeed, explicitly prohibited – party that leaves heaps of broken bottles, butts, real puddles of alcohol and waste of all kinds on the ground. All within the headquarters of the State University of Milan. Celebration for Halloween, on the night of October 31, that the rector Elio Franzini has decided to publicly denounce, with a letter – and photos of what is left of the party – on the website of the Statale. Making an appeal "to the authorities appointed to our security, for an assumption of responsibility by all ". Today he formalized the complaint, and the power of attorney opened an investigation for violation of safety regulations and invasion of public buildings. The 'model 44' file against unknown persons was opened by the pool coordinated by the deputy prosecutor of Milan Tiziana Siciliano. The rector Elio Franzini will be heard shortly.

Party not authorized for Halloween at the Statale di Milano, the rector's photo report

"The images you see are self-explanatory and are the result of yet another illegal occupation of our university spaces, which took place Thursday evening on the occasion of Halloween – writes the rector -. These holidays, completely abusive, organized by groups largely external to the University, which even ask for a fee for entry, have been tolerated for many years, as if they were the inevitable price to pay to save our community from scarring worst. However, I am deeply convinced that any attitude of passive indifference or resignation towards acts of obvious illegality is absolutely wrong and, even more, by a'Public university, which has always made the defense of legality and rights one of its essential values, to be transmitted to the younger generations ".

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Tell the rector that on the 31st the extraordinary closure had been decided – advising in advance of the reason – of the headquarters at 16.00 precisely in order to avoid the party announced with a Facebook page by the Dillinger Unimi collectives and Metropolitan University Laboratory. "I am sure that there is no more solid basis against all forms of abuse and prepotenthat that of proving to be, as we are, a cohesive community, made up of people who proudly claim respect for the place where they study and work, as much as it represents but also for what is specifically, a monumental complex among the most important of the country, a public good, vulnerable and precious, that we have the honor of living, with all the responsibility that derives from this. Unfortunately, every precautionary measure was not enough ", writes Franzini. Telling that" dafter 16 we were alone, witnesses of a crime that happened without anything to do, to assist in the preparation of the mess you see and that only in one case did not have worse consequences, such as those that have recently occurred, in context quite similar, at another one italian universityto. Peaceful defense shared with our entire community of legalitya e an arduous task to which I have no intention of escaping: it nevertheless requires the assumption of responsibility on the part of everyone, inside and outside the University, first of all by the authorities appointed to our security, to whom I address an appeal on behalf of our entire University . Our hope is that we can and should safeguard the security of this place, of those who frequent it and of those who live in the neighborhood without being forced to choose between two extremes, including police charges and a position of dangerous and addicted passivity – as if there were no other solutions inspired by a peaceful, but firm, assumption of responsibility, absolute respect for legality, the defense of the most elementary rights of civil coexistence ". Before the party the students had written on the page of Dillinger Unimi: "The university is a place of meeting and cultural exchange, will not be tolerated abusive behavior, racist, homophobic and sexist"; "the university is a common good for us, we will not accept acts of vandalism"; "if you want to take hard drugs or sell drugs, this is not the right evening for you". Their opinion is diametrically opposed to that of the rector. In retrospect they commented: "We will work to further improve these evenings, the university is a free space, which we consider central not only as a place for training but also for relational growth".

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