Guide to Eicma 2019: electric motorcycles to be seen in extremis


Eicma 2019: innovation Oscar for the Hypertek H7 electric motorcycle

Grand finale entirely dedicated to motorcycles for Eicma 2019 with titled races, entertainment shows and freestyle evolutions (here the program). And for those wishing to end with a Sunday of electric motors at Fiera Milano, here's a guide to Eicma 2019 with the latest news.

Energetic sports Eva Rebel

First mention in the guide to Eicma 2019 for the queen of Italian electric motorcycles, Energica Motor (Hall 15 stand Q48). Ad Eicma 2019 presented Energetic Rebel Eva, new version of the workhorse of the Modena company. The bike has been updated and enhanced thanks to the experience of this year as the sole supplier of the world championship Fim Enel X MotoE World Cup.

"Right here at Eicma 2019 we present the first innovation achieved in the racing field applied to our production bikes: a tangible advantage now on the market and for all our customersThe founder said, presenting her Livia Cevolinthe.

Livia Cevolini with the vice president of Octo Telematics Edwin Colella

The new 2020 range provides for three more models: Ego +, Eva EsseEsse9 + both with a new powertrain and a more capable battery, and the new Rebel Eve. The Modena-based company has developed an engine updated with a 21.5 kWh lithium polymer battery. The new battery will be available on all 2020 models and will complement the version with 13.4 kWh battery in the Ego and Eva EsseEsse9 models.

"It's the package larger battery and powerful on a standard electric motorcycle" he precised Giampiero Testoni, Energica technical manager. The new power unit also guarantees the Energica 2020 range better performance with a torque ranging from 200 Nm for Eva EsseEsse9 + to 215 Nm for Ego + and Eva Ribelle. However the overall weight drops by 5%. Now in real driving conditions the Ego +, Eva Ribelle, Eva EsseEsse9 + are able to go 400 km in the city, 230 km in the combined cycle and 180 km on extra-urban roads.

Eva Ribelle shows up with one power of 107kW (145 hp), with one torque of 215 Nm. It can be recharged with fast charge storing 6.7 km per minute or in slow charge for 65 km in an hour. It is available in two colors: Stealth Gray and Rosso Corsa.
The Energica Eva EsseEsse9 enhanced.
Also new colors available for the Ego: Rosso Corsa and Asteroid Gray, flanked by the Ego Sport Black version inspired by the livery of the Ego Corsa, the official motorcycle of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup. Also available on Customer Travel Kit, exclusively for circuit use. Also there Eva EsseEsse9 renews the colors: Modena Yellow, Shocking Blue and Metal Black.

Thanks to an agreement with Octo Telematics there Energica 2020 range will be equipped, as standard, with remote connectivity. The on-board telematic device (ProShare XT) Octo, will allow, through an app, to monitor your performance motorcycle. There will also be plenty of information on the status of the bike and intelligent alerts notified to the end customer such as the possible interruption of the recharge, unexpected movement of the bike, position in real time and sharing of driving data.

The incredible Hypertk is coming from South Africa

From the queen of electric bikes with a more traditional and reassuring look, we pass to the queens of innovation, style and technology. One above all: the Hypertek designed by the designer Pierre Terblanche (formerly Lamborghini) for the South African carbon wheel rim manufacturer BST (Hall 15 stand S15).

Back in his homeland he was called by the president of Blackstone Tek Gary Turner to make a truly revolutionary electric motorcycle. The prototype on display at Eicma does not betray the expectations. It's a extreme project, both for style and technology and chassis. A central monocoque carbon beam connects the front end and the cantilever saddle, at the top, with a battery-electric motor fork lock with integrated shock absorber at the rear, below

The engine develops 80 kW and 120 nm of couple and it is water cooled. The autonomy reaches 300 km, doubling the battery with an additional element that can be hooked down, below the main one, instead of the small fairing.

The handlebar is essential, without indicators and mirrors because all information, including side and rear vision, is integrated in the helmet supplied. Always in the helmet the pilot, if he wants, can hear an electronically generated noise in tune with the engine revs.

Unbelievable the rear, with a lever system that allows the shock absorber to work inside the swinging single arm of the suspension and with the brake disc incorporated in the hub. A science fiction bike. Or maybe a bike that simply anticipates the electric two-wheeled future.

Carbogatto, from Russia to Eicma 2019

Equally imaginative, but much more fashionable, is the proposal that comes from Russia with Carbogatto H7. A name that has nothing Soviet, but that reveals a particular in common with Hypertek: the extensive use of carbon. Indeed, the exclusive use of carbon fiber in an inverted monoblock frame, to which only the front fork and rear suspension fork are attached, both in aluminum. Originality to sell and citation in our guide to Eicma 2019.

There removable battery it is placed vertically in the compartment that opens by raising the cantilevered harness. The engine is integrated into the rear wheel hub. Maximum speed of 45 km / h, range from 70 to 120 km, acceleration from standstill to maximum speed in 6.2 seconds. Finishes and wheels, even lenticular, all in carbon, with an incredible weight final, including batteries, of just 36 kg. There are six different colors proposed. But the price, say the Muscovite boys who conceived it and brought it to Eicma 2019, will not be under 7 thousand euros. A whim that will certainly not let you go unnoticed.

RMK Verge TS, the engine in the rim

It comes from the cold, for the first time in Italy, the RMK Verge TS (Hall 18 stand G75). The Finnish company that proposes it has already been the subject of international attention when it presented the first RMK E2 concept with the shocking novelty of the engine integrated into the rim of the rear wheel. The final version shown at Eicma 2019, which will soon be on the market, does not differ much from that concept.

Despite the solution that actually gets rid of the engine, the final aspect of the RMK is squat and massive. The central space is in fact entirely occupied by one showy battery; and the space of the "tank" is used to house the charging system. The final impression is that the designers have not fully exploited the potential of the innovative transmission.

Cake Kalk and her work sister Osa

For the first time, another Scandinavian motorcycle, this time from Sweden, with an exactly opposite philosophy has landed in Italy. There KalK of Cake (Hall 9 stand A56) is a dragonfly with an almost evanescent appearance. It's a off-road motorcycles, already on the market even in the approved version.

The new Osa model, in preview at Eicma 2019, it takes the same style, applying it to a work vehicle so essential as to appear almost a sketch made at home with the Meccano. Kalk and Osa are actually electric bikes very refined and very expensive. The latter, in particular, is designed to be "modular" right from the frame; a simple horizontal beam on which all the other components are fixed in different possible configurations.

Malaguti rises to Eicma with the electric RSTE

It is inevitable to indicate in our guide to Eicma 2019 the return in style to Malaguti (Pad.9 tand E86), now Austrian. Two new concepts presented, including the electric RSTE. It is a decidedly sporting, completely faired bike, powered by a central electric motor with a maximum power of 8 kW (continuous 3 kW). It is not a concentrate of technique and the design is not as showy as other prototypes seen at Eicma 2019. However, it embodies the desire to re-launch the new owners of the Malaguti brand KSR. KSR Austrians are the biggest importers of scooter in Europe. The conceptRSTE also has manual transmission. The engine is powered by 2 lithium battery packs. It will be on the market by the end of 2020.

Sur Ron Storm Bee has a new name: Voge

In the same category it is placed Voge ER 10, a new electric road of Chinese origin, born from the acquisition of the projects of the already known Sur Ron Storm Bee.

It is an electric motorcycle capable of touching 100 km / h and represents the link between a large-scale motorcycle and an Urban. The engine is liquid cooled and develops 6 kW (8 hp) of power with a peak at 14 kW (18.7 hp), the weight is 115 kg, La top speed is 100 km / h. The battery, included in the body, can store 4.2 kWh without taking up too much space thanks to its 60 V and its 70 Ah architecture. This allows the bike to travel by 100 km on a single charge. It should cost less than $ 5,000 .

Horwin, another electric with the gearbox

Remaining in the sector of the averages we signal again an Austrian product, the Horwin (Hall 18 stand E65). Ad Eicma 2019 showcases two versions: the CR6 and the CR6 Pro. Aesthetics is classic, not to say trivial, and it goes the way of Dumila's naked ones. And the performances are only slightly higher than those of an e-scooter. The engine is from 7.2 kW while the Pro version comes to 11 Kw. It goes from 0 to 60 km / h in 6 seconds, and the maximum speed is 105 km / h. The Pro version mounts a manual gearbox 5-speed. THE'autonomy it is 150 km at 45 km / h for the base, and 130 for the Pro. The equipment includes LED lights, LCD display, Theft warning system and Keyless Go. The price is 5,890 euros for the CR6 and of 6.990 for the version with the gearbox.

Who's back? BMW Vision DC Roadster

To the Hall 13, stand N54 you can admire the already known electric concept of BMW Vision DC Roadster. No more technical details than was known, but the futuristic lines continue to impress. Worthy of note are the lateral protuberances that recall the legendary bicylindrical boxer of the Bavarian house. It transpires, however, a possible date for the market launch: end 2021.

Hadin, dreaming of California

We close our guide to Eicma 2019 with the Californian brand Hadin. But the bike will be 100% made in China. Is called Panther, but the shot is certainly not comparable to that of a panther. An imposing, retro, pachydermic and quiet bike. It can be admired at Hall 14 stand E26. Hadin was born in 2016 and will arrive on the market in the middle of next year. He plans to sell 1,500 pieces a year, between the United States and Europe. The asynchronous electric motor has a power of 45 kW and is powered by Panasonic's Ternary Lithium battery. In Eco mode the autonomous is 220 km at a maximum speed of 70 km / h; in the Sport one you go down to 160 km with a maximum speed of 129 km / h. Interconnectivity, electronic control systems and on-board cameras are not lacking in an electric motorcycle made especially for driving in complete relaxation.

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