"Guardiola spoke. Don't you say anything?"


I'm live. I love direct music. My professional life is live. How many things happen, and they happen to you, while you're live. And how many you can't prepare. Rapidity, lucidity, correct Italian. Seems easy. But actually, when the game is underway, it's a little easier. We are in Moscow, we are there to capture the knockout rounds. Juve wins as we know, I exult. If it is discussed in transmission, in the breaks I update myself on my cell phone. I have the timeline of the invaded social networks: ok, we followed the Atalanta, we fiddled with the replacement suffered by Ronaldo, but above all Guardiola spoke.

I haven't returned much on the subject since then, but in my heart it can't be the theme of the day. And also, from what I guess, in the intimacy of someone else. As usual, I find a bit of everything: those who remember that I had already announced the signing of the contract (false), others the date of the announcement (never done), others still that of the presentation (there went a well-known news agency while I explained that on that date there would be the finals of the great international gathering of J-Academies). So no, that wasn't me. I don't see myself again, once more. I was in my own small way trying to gather and tell clues, starting from a series of small but fundamental news, the one that progressively came across – or banged – on new or dead tracks (it's hard work, but…).

I was therefore the one that Guardiola at Juve immediately (while 0% materializes for Massimiliano Allegri) considered it possible, therefore probable, even suddenly very likely, but not the one who has ever announced the certainty that it would arrive, let alone this year. I spoke, indeed, of a preliminary agreement that would have been valid and effective until June 2021, and whoever lives will see. So the complaints about what I said are welcome (congratulations if you "guess" Ronaldo, blasphemous if you just anticipate something about the Juventus-Icardi courtships, teased if Guardiola doesn't arrive: they are the rules of the game, we know them well), but the avalanche of tweets about things I never said deserved some posthumous clarification. Other less happy expressions from colleagues and others do not even deserve this.

No more talk, though, because what matters is Guardiola. They told me about it. Those of the timeline. Which also include those who spend time for "defend" on trust. Guelphs and Ghibellines. A battle without quarter was unleashed in the summer. But the news has no color. They are white and / or black. Or gray, with shadow areas still to be revealed. It is on these that we work in our profession. The others, white or black, simply need to be reported.

But back to us: Guardiola spoke, it was said. First at the pre-match conference in San Siro, where I was present and with my ears I was able to hear his brief response to the equally brief question from the colleague Gazzetta dello Sport: "You never know … I'm fine in Manchester … I don't know". Point. TO Sky – where only a couple of months ago the theme did not exist and indeed it was taboo and indeed there are those who claim (without proof) that they were flying rags in the newsroom – instead spoke in the immediate post-game. He would have indirectly even beaten me, when instead the study question was posed in the first person plural: "You had the wrong information, you had to do your job better (laughing, ed)". And just before: "Training in Italy? Maybe. Yes Yes Yes. I would like. I'm not that old yet …". So something Guardiola said, in his own way. Or perhaps he didn't say anything at all and this does not testify in favor of either or in favor of others. However, it does not seem to have, at least in public, the eyes injected with hatred for those who seem to have made money behind him.

He said a lot instead Paolo Condò, esteemed journalist and worthy of the highest consideration. Before disengaging from "we"By Ilaria D’Amico, then saying that in his opinion Guardiola's next destination will be Italy (Barcelona permitting, and here I agree not because I know anything about it, but because I considered the choice surprising blaugrana to keep the flat running of Valverde). But even more the hostess said, in addition to: "We had really thought that it could arrive this year. We had heard him particularly close". I mean: "Other items have arrived – (compared to which ones?) – also from England". I don't think D’Amico referred to blogs, tabloids, tabloids and sitarelli of various kinds. Then I may even be wrong. The curtain at the moment ends here.

If needed, we will update ourselves. In the meantime I admit that, among all the confirmations of the case concerning the facts of the past spring and some significant but also hasty "look that there has never been anything" (while the multiple and delicate sources have never denied anything and, on the contrary, from their point of view they could also subsequently confirm what was said and written), we dedicate ourselves body and soul to understand where Juve can go Maurizio Sarri. Because in football parallel real worlds can coexist both in some way tangible, which include desires that are mutually exclusive. Just as good faith exists in our work, a certain sense of duty and only in part of pleasure. That depends on what you're up against. I remember that the whole journalistic approach of Pogba at Manchester United – for example – it was half a torture in terms of reactions. But, fatally, this is what it passed with the wind, as the tenant said that he lived on the ground floor and that you found every day, every hour, on sole of the door. I crossed it as a boy every morning when I went down to buy sports newspapers. I wanted to read the market. I wanted to imagine. That was me and maybe I'm still a little bit.

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