"Grew up thanks to the Ferrari simulator"


Antonio Fuoco is one of the protagonists of the Italian Gran Turismo 2019 Championship. The Calabrian driver was awarded the Italian title in the Sprint series paired with Sean Hudspeth, in the PRO-AM category. In addition to this series, Antonio joined Stefano Gai (Scuderia Baldini) in the last round of the Endurance Series, which took place at Mugello. His contribution allowed the Milanese driver to win the crown of Italian Gran Turismo Endurance Series (PRO). Among his activities, that of being part of the group of pilots of the Ferrari simulator.

Antonio, an interesting season in the Italian GT that saw you champion in PRO-AM and contributed to the title of Gai. Your impressions?
"I think that as the first season in the GT world it was a fairly positive year, the main goal at the beginning of the season was to make as many kilometers as possible in a completely new world for me and to take home the Pro-class title. Am. I had the opportunity to get in the car for the last race of the endurance championship, and this allowed me to make even more experience contributing also to the victory in the championship for Stefano Gai ".

Your career has seen you mainly engaged in Formula, what are the sensations you feel driving a single-seater and a GT?
"I think there is enough difference from the world of single-seaters to the GT one: the first thing in the GT is that you almost always have to share the car with a partner, so it is important to find the right compromise for both of us, moreover the driving style is very different compared to the single-seater of any formula, but the fundamental difference lies in the continuity of the performance.You must try to make as few mistakes as possible and always arrive at the end, because the races are almost always very long and can everything happens, I believe that the Mugello race offered us a good example ".

Your season with Sean: what could you improve and how did you grow in terms of experience thanks to your support?
"I think my season with Sean has been quite positive. Hudspeth has grown a lot since the start of the season, especially in the race management and I think he has shown himself to be a very strong Am class rider in the last few races."

Tell us about your work on the F1 simulator …
"My job in the simulator is to try to help the Scuderia in the development of the single-seater. To me personally over the years it has helped so much in growth as a driver and I am very honored to have had this chance on the part of Ferrari".

The new 488 GT3 was presented, what are your impressions?
"I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing the new 488 GT3 live, but I believe that the base is already very good. It will certainly have been further improved so I can't wait to try it."

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