Great singer, it would be right to remember him in Sanremo


The world of Italian music is in deep mourning for the death of Fred Bongusto, a great artist who died at the age of 84. In these hours there are many reactions from friends and colleagues from the entertainment world who celebrate an artist who has become a symbol of a genre and the author of great classics of Italian music, above all the unforgettable A roundabout on the sea. To remember, in these hours, even a great face of television like Pippo Baudo, who as a passionate musician has certainly known him in a not only professional capacity: "Bongusto was a great, a very good and delicate singer, unfortunately in recent years he was very ill, he suffered so much", said Baudo, emphasizing the actual silence around his person. Baudo then invited Rai and Amadeus to pay tribute to Fred Bongusto in the next edition of the Sanremo Festival "He was a great singer, it would be right that in Sanremo he was remembered with the affection and respect he deserves" he added.

The death of Fred Bongusto becomes an occasion, certainly sad, to remember his dazzling career in the world of music. Became famous at the turn of the 60s and 70s in the scene of confidential singers, those who were inspired by crooners such as Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong ,. Over the years he has also attempted alternative routes, but those two decades remain the most incisive of his career, which at the beginning of the 2000s suffered a forced stop, due to quite relevant hearing problems. In an interview the author Mimmo Di Francia, who wrote several songs for him (including "Doce doce"), explained: "In 2002 I proposed him '' mbriacame ', but he couldn't make it to sing, was out of tune, because he was starting to become deaf. He did a half audition with the guitar, he appreciated the song anyway but he frankly replied' sorry, not me I hear, but it's a great song anyway! ' And then afterwards, of course, I didn't offer him anything, given his health conditions. " Problems that Bongusto somehow managed to solve thanks to the use of a particular hearing device in the following years.

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