"Grassie a m'ha cura", the last poem by Puliero in the hospital


Yesterday, at 73, Roberto Puliero, great director, actor and historical commentator of Hellas Verona, passed away.

Admitted to Borgo Trento, in recent weeks he has written a poem dedicated to doctors and nurses who have treated him.

When one day one el se cata

admitted to the hospital,

more than well, if a bit hip

that, struca struca … you are sick

But, after a few days,

you feel comforted,

and a series of attitudes

Surround and comfort!

Gh is a nice swarm of nurses

that like you, my

le se parcipita a iutarte

like a supine de tsunami!

Le te alsa, le te sbalsa,

you feel it, you lose it,

you feel, you feel,

le dindole and straassa

Imboressade since morning

the Federica or the Veronica

an iniesson de bonumor

that looks like the tomic bomb!

And try them one by one

by sealing a fi a a bona …

… be ready for the evening

the cansone of Verona,

and set the flags !,

parquet shore up there

festive joyfulness

the gialloblu colors!

… bit Andrea, who can feel it

when riva el so vocion

which seems to me vegnu fora

from a Sior Todaro brontolòn

And Francesco, if little helmet,

I know the very happy ending …

I'm sure: with a tap

and I pull up from the toilet!

And there is Elena with the boress

always annexed and incorporated

with Kety as a shoulder

to that "duo" a fia scombinado

Meanwhile Michela,

with the mischievous ocetes,

you just think

in pastissi and tortellini …

… and the little band leader Paola

to govern that which is,

ela ghe just a nice smile,

'Na word, hip a giossetin de te …

Two years ago, fors impisocado

and of sleep still starling,

m'era fin escapes to say

"Almost almost here again!"

Ben, excused me, I was sbalia! …

You come back but no bad …

you come back to thank you

who cares every day

with affection and humility

imposing and working

de amicissia and humanity

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