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The United States Grand Prix has been crowned world champion for the sixth time in his career Lewis Hamilton, while Valtteri Bottas hit the fourth season. Austin hosted a spectacular and exciting race until the last few laps, we discover all the radio team most interesting of the weekend in the States.

Verstappen "recalled" during free practice (PL1)

Red Bull: "As a reference: in that lap you exceeded the limits of the curve at turn 19, so that lap is not worth it. Don't answer me … ".

Verstappen: "No".

Red Bull: "… I know what you're going to say".

Grosjean ends up against the barriers (PL2)

Haas: "All right?".

Grosjean: "Yes, I'm ok but the car is not".

McLaren's special radio check (PL3)

McLaren: "Radio control, please".

Norris: "(Sings) I'm moving up and down, side to side, like a rollercoaster".

Maximum confusion between Verstappen, Hamilton and Kvyat in qualifying (Q2)

Kvyat: "It was a messy start to the tour".

Red Bull: "Yes, we have seen".

Verstappen: "Lewis there s ******* or all! So this is his problem. What happened".

Pole position for Valtteri Bottas (Q3)

Mercedes: "Guess who's on pole?".

Bottas: "Haha! Yup! Thanks, boythe".

Wolff: "Valtteri c *** o! Congratulations! Mega!".

Bottas: "Thanks! It was cool!".

Sebastian Vettel forced to retire … (Giro 8)

Vettel: "I think the suspension is completely gone. Yes, it's gone. Something broke. I don't know what happened there. It's completely gone".

… and Ferrari is concerned about reliability (Giro 14)

Ferrari: "Try to avoid taking the curb at the apex of curve 8".

Leclerc: "Why?".

Ferrari: "Because Sebastian had a problem with the suspension there".

Duel on the border between Raikkonen and Hulkenberg (Giro 44-45)

Raikkonen: "I think he was off the track".

Alfa Romeo: "Received".

Renault: "Looks like you need to let Kimi pass".

Hulkenberg: "I don't know how you want to compete then. Here you are served".

The Hamilton-Bottas duel ignites first … (Giro 51-52)

Mercedes: "The gap is two seconds".

Bottas: "Ok. Don't talk to me now".

(after overtaking)

Bottas: "Now you can talk if you want".

Mercedes: "I am without wordsis".

… and then the Hamilton-Verstappen (Giro 54)

Mercedes: "The gap with Verstappen is 2.9".

Hamilton: "I see him a friend. Leave me to him!".

Verstappen: "Do we have full power? I want full power!".

Red Bull: "Yes, we have Max".

Turn at the last lap between Kvyat and Perez (Giro 55)

Kvyat: "Yup!! We took it c *** o!".

Perez: "Guys! I got very close under a yellow flag and then pushed me out? It's all OK? He broke my car".

Racing Point: "Checo, did you have any damage from the contact?".

Perez: "Oh yes! The front wing broke, the suspension … yes. He came against me and I left him a lot of space ".

Bottas wins the Grand Prix, Hamilton the world title (checkered flag)

Mercedes: "Well done Valtteri, great weekend!"

Bottas: "Yeah!"

Mercedes: "Lewis won the championship, a deserved victory. But great work this weekend. And I think you can celebrate second place in the league".

Bottas: "The best of the others. Congratulations to Lewis".

Mercedes: "Away with Lewis! What a guide it was! World Champion! You did it with style!".

Hamilton: "Let's rise again, guys! What an incredible weekend, thank you guys! Thanks for today. I do not believe it!".

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