Government, Renzi: "Returning to the vote is suicide, the Democratic Party thinks about it"


<! – -> The leader of Italy Viva, Matteo Renzi, sends a message to the former party comrades of the Pd: "Returning to the vote is madness, mass suicide". In an interview with Repubblica, the former prime minister says: "Italia viva thinks we should vote in 2023, at the natural end, after having elected the new president of the Republic.

If someone thinks of doing like in Umbria anticipating the elections, go ahead: with this choice all the uninominal colleges are lost and defeats are caused in Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Lazio. I don't know what name to give to this political hypothesis: in psychology it is called masochism ".

Renzi Pd elections, Orlando's position: "Pd worried, so it does not last"

The Democratic Party is worried about the situation within the majority. And the deputy secretary, Andrea Orlando, warns the allies, if this continues, the government "does not last". Orlando says in an interview with the Messenger: "We are simply worried. The point is this, if there is a solid pact and a long time horizon, then the problems are solved. If our allies do not indicate any breath, no ambition that is not that of the day, then any problem is likely to turn into the accident. We serenely decide together: does Italy live and M5s believe that the road to a long horizon cannot be pursued? "Continues Orlando:" We too are well aware of the need to arrive at institutional deadlines, such as the election of the president of the Republic, and to 2023, but the problem is that in this way we do not reach those deadlines ".

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