Government, Pd thinks of the rip. But there is the Franceschini premier idea


<! – -> The sign has already been passed for some time and Nicola Zingaretti makes it clear to the dem ministers and undersecretaries with whom he is continuing to meet in these hectic days around the future of the Ex Ilva and beyond. The meetings take place in a sort of war cabinet in which the group leaders also participate, Andrea Marcucci and Graziano Delrio. But above all the competent ministers for the economic maneuver, with Roberto Gualtieri ahead. In the focus of the Democratic Party there is the attitude of the government allies, Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Renzi. "Better if you don't pull the rope too much with these toys," is the mantra of some of the dem ministers of these days, "because this time it could break".

To exasperate the Democratic Party the intransigent positions of the M5s on the case ex Ilva but also the announcement via Twitter made by Renzi on the cancellation of the provisions concerning the company cars, with the re-modulation of benefits. Renzi's constant "out-of-the-box" outings are affecting dems who say they are "intolerant" with respect to the ongoing "provocations" of the former party mate and who do not want to be caught between the two allies. That Renzi is trying in every way to put himself at the center of the chessboard, is much more than a suspicion for the PD leaders.

In the dem is increasingly widespread belief that, beyond the merit of the Ilva case, Renzi's viewfinder has now framed the Democratic Party with the aim of weakening it. For this reason there is already someone who, among the parliamentarians in the Chamber, evokes the motion on the Tav which was fatal for Count I. ZingarettiHowever, he has already said: "The Democratic Party is not willing to govern among enemies", adding a sentence that sounds premonitory: "The government goes ahead if it does things for the Italians, otherwise it loses its raison d'etre". A formula used in the recent past also by Matteo Salvini, before Conte resigned his resignation.

And then the hypothesis of the early elections after the Budget Law. Among the hawks there would be Delrio in the front row. But there is another hypothesis. We are talking about a possible new government with a Dem guide. A hypothesis to which not only a good chunk of the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party but also those of Italia Viva are looking with favor, eager to avoid the electoral challenge in a short time.

A hypothesis for which two factors are needed: the first one leadership change also within the M5s. And with the departure of Elena Fattori and the assault led by Nicola Morra, president of the Antimafia Commission, the role of Di Maio no longer seems so solid.

The second is the identification of a papabile figure within the Pd. And in this case the possible name could be to Dario Franceschini. It is no coincidence that the very minister and head of the Democratic Party is the great mediator between the government allies. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Franceschini stated that "a new pact with Renzi and M5S is needed. Just cunning, you decide together". According to Franceschini "you have to stop before it's too late". "Ours – he says on the support of the Democratic Party to Count II – was a conscious and convinced choice. But there are minimum conditions to move forward. For example, on the budget, after climbing a mountain that seemed insurmountable and that led Salvini escaped from Palazzo Chigi, a sense of precariousness has emerged, the logic of party flags has prevailed, and appeals have even been made to the opposition to seek parliamentary majorities over amendments to the Budget law.

Conciliatory and constructive words, of course, but also indirectly a candidacy for a leading role if all the pieces go in their place.

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