Government, "ex Ilva preamble, crisis with the vote in Emilia Romagna. And then …"


<! – -> What will be the political consequences of the former Ilva case?

"On the former Ilva the real danger is that 15-20 thousand jobs will fall due to the total inexperience for years and years in facing the issue of large industries in the South. The big basic industry is now in crisis, it was a vintage change ".

Whose responsibilities are they?

"Of all the political and managerial classes of the last 30 years who have not been able to guide and deal with the crisis of mass industry thinking of a new phase of development. All this shows the collapse that has occurred in industrial policies since the years "80 onwards. Now we have amateurs in jeopardy, but the colossal responsibility is of the whole political class of the last 30-40 years".

Does the government risk the former Ilva case?

"They will try to save face, since they are all in. The government falls with the elections in Emilia Romagna on January 26th 2020, they lose face and they all go home. Sure, 20 thousand workers walk around with what is happening on the ex Ilva is the preamble to the defeat in Emilia Romagna by the government forces ".


"Already now there is no worker who votes Center Left in Lombardy and Veneto, let alone what can happen in the industrial fabric of small and medium-sized enterprises in Emilia Romagna after the former Ilva case. Safe defeat".

And after the government crisis?

"There are only elections, no Draghi would have a majority in Parliament. Unless …".

Say …

"Unless it goes into the field military manu Sergio Mattarella, never underestimate the old Christian Democrats. Besides, no one would have ever imagined that someone like Scalfaro would carry on his mandate in that way ".

Possible a prime minister of the Democratic Party? Maybe Dario Franceschini?

"The only possibility is that of a third personality of great international prestige, certainly not Franceschini. But where does Franceschini get the votes after a government crisis?"

So back to Draghi …

"If Mattarella tells the Italians, as Napolitano did with Mario Monti as premier, that the situation is catastrophic, that the political class sucks, asks to trust the Quirinale and dictates the conditions … it may be that he can get a Draghi to pass, only alternative to early political elections in the spring ".

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