Government, Di Maio: "A new Pact M5S-Pd: now healthcare reform and minimum wage law"


"One thing is certain: once the budget law is over, we must put ourselves back at the table with the Democratic Party to create a stricter government pact with the goals we want to achieve for Italians". Luigi Di Maio, Foreign Minister and political leader of the M5S, hosted by an Ansa forum, illustrates the path to re-consolidating the government majority, which ended up in a deep crisis due to repeated conflicts. It was Dario Franceschini, head of the Democratic Party in the government, with an interview with Courier service, to launch the altola: «A new pact with Renzi and M5S or the majority risks. Di Maio also explicitly explains the first two points he wants to propose to start again: "Health reform and a minimum wage law".

The leader of the Movement however, he also has to deal with the severe stomach ache that started in the Five Stars after the total failure of the alliance with the Democratic Party in Umbria. The next two hot potatoes are the regional elections in Emilia-Romagna and Calabria (next 26 January). A defeat, especially in the North, would have strong chances of triggering the fall of the government. "Next week I will have meetings with the M5S groups of Calabria and Emilia-Romagna – explains Di Maio -. Today in the Movement there is no consensus to make alliances with the Democratic Party. At the national level it is not an alliance but a government that brings together the votes because we have not reached 51% of the votes ». But in Emilia, where the League of Matteo Salvini has prepared a pounding electoral campaign, the Movement could choose a third way: a sort of pact of resistance with the Democratic Party, renouncing to present its own candidate.

Foreign Minister, always during the forum at the ANSA, he also commented on the ex Ilva emergency: «Dialogue is fine but without threats – he says -: Arcelor Mittal knew he would find a government that claims pacts are respected. Asking to go away from Taranto is an unacceptable action that is not a prerequisite for dialogue. It seems absurd to put 5,000 people on the road ".

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