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The 19 November expected the new streaming gaming service created by the Mountain View company: Google Stadia. To take advantage of the service, the majority of Android smartphones and from today can also be exploited the dedicated application is available on the Play Store. Along with all the other Big G applications that will allow you to take advantage of the new service,Chromecast and Chrome of all, the application will also allow you to perform buying games and manage the various settings of Stadia.
Once the app is downloaded Stadia, a first page will be shown where we can see as a background Destiny 2, one of the first games that will be available and you can run the First login via your Gmail account. Later a pop-up with writing will be shown "GPU reactivation"(Waking up the GPUs in the English version) and it will take a dozen seconds at least to continue in the configuration, probably it is a mechanism that register our account on dedicated Google Stadia servers.
One time confirmed the Gmail account, which can not be changed later, you will see a screen asking you for a invitation code, available only following the purchase of the packages "Stadia Founder"or"Premiere edition"; without it it will be possible to continue in the app Google Stadia.

The Play Store for Google Stadia tab reveals a little more about the app's user interface: "Home" I showed games, with the first floor a big button to start playing; "Explore"seems show a community card, with posts relevant to the topic, screen that initially was not shown and therefore still secret with regards to the actual contents present. In the upper part of the same tab we also find the icons for YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Discord.
9to5Google has already started analyzing the code that is hidden in the APK; Google has exploited its own tool Flutter for the realization so to have multi platform application. So we will see very soon also the application on the App Store, but not much of the Android one. It is interesting to note that the application version 1.45.278447916, a fairly high number, is a sign that a long time since the Mountain View company works on the big project Stadia.
Ready then for the 19 November, when the service will finally be released to the public.

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