Good sandwiches in Bergamo vol. 2 (or the epic of the sandwich)


Let's face it, when you're hungry, what's better than a sandwich? The sandwich is the food cult for excellence. Gourmet with smoked salmon, crunchy zucchini and dill mayonnaise. Or with salami, simple but irresistible: the sandwich is the salvation of the hungry, it is a faith that never betrays, it is the obsessive desire of the glutton that they love to get dirty a little while they eat. Those who enjoy the crunchy sound of bitten bread, and then dive into the vertigo of the mix of tastes that a sandwich first conceals and then breaks on the tongue and palate.

I'm a sandwich freak, do you understand? I eat 3-4 sandwiches a week, I enjoy them at lunch and in the evening, instead of having dinner at home. The stomach calls and the sandwich responds to every hour of the day: stuffed, so stuffed with cold cuts, cheeses and sauces; but also essential, with those two tastes combined as it should be that makes you go crazy.
The sandwich is a matter of chemistry, the epic (certain sandwiches infinite in thickness and length that claim the undertaking, others small but intense like lightning of goodness). And yet also architecture (how are the ingredients arranged?), Solipsism (the solitude of the first sandwiches, and then also of the latter), the future. Because the sandwiches will never die e I hope that if any alien civilization is studying us right now, I've noticed the sandwich. Noble product of human history.
As the poet said, whoever does not finish a sandwich has something to hide.

I know places that make sandwiches everywhere. TO Venice the incredible sandwiches of To the Nomboli (with the boiled, the suppressed, the sardines in saor). TO Padua the cicheti from the cold cuts of At the Shadow of the Square. TO Florence the mini sandwiches with unreachable colds de The two little brothers (and we want to talk about the sandwich with the lampredotto and the green sauce?). To Amsterdam the Rob Wigboldus Fishmonger and his humble but overwhelming herring sandwiches – with the addition of onions and maybe even a glass of milk: the Dutch sometimes eat it that way. TO Madrid bocadillos with squid and a touch of mayonnaise Museo del Jamon. TO Jerusalem superlative kebabs prepared in small kiosks on the Arab market. And so on, because almost every culture has its own sandwich.

But in Bergamo? A few months ago we proposed ten sandwiches to eat in as many places between city and province. We couldn't stop there. Then here are 5 more places to try superlative sandwiches.

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